Generic mail client settings

Use specific instructions for your particular application and device/computer.

If you need them for a scanner, printer or some other device for which we don't have specific, step-by-step instructions, our general mail client settings for Cloudiance's zMailCloud are as follows:

Incoming Mail Server: (replace yourcustomaddress with your custom address server name.  If you are unsure what your custom server address is, please contact your Administrator or email us at: support[at]
Server port: 993 For IMAP 995 for POP (we don't recommend POP for anything, unless there's no other option)
Use Secure Socket Layer: Yes
User Name: your full zMailCloud email address
Password: your password

Outgoing Mail Server:
Server port: 465 this is the recommended alternate SMTP port
Use Secure Sockets Layer/SSL: Yes
Authentication: Password
User Name: your full zMailCloud email address
Password: your password

It's usually wise to use port 465 as your alternate SMTP port, because ISPs who block SMTP usually only block port 25. Once you've configured your mail client to use the correct port, you may never need to change your SMTP setting for outbound mail again.

Having trouble connecting? Make sure you're as up-to-date as you can be with your device/application/software, and also, consider have you got 2-step authentication setup? If so, you must first create an application passcode for your device, using the webmail client, in Preferences > Accounts > Account Security, and use that as your password. See: [Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)](

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