Service issue affecting some users fixed (9:45-10:00AM UTC-5)

We are currently investigating an issue with the zMailCloud service.  Some accounts may experience slowness, and problems sending & receiving email at this time.  

20th Sept 2021
Performance issues affecting some customers resolved

There was a service issue that started at about 14:00 (2:00PM, UTC-5), intermittently impacting some customers for about an hour.

Engineering is investigating the cause, and may perform emergency maintenance later tonight as a result.

Thank you for your patience, and business.

9th Sept 2021
Brief emergency maintenance scheduled for 11PM (UTC-5)

To improve ongoing performance, we expect engineers here may restart certain services in response to the outage earlier today, affecting some customers at approximately 11PM (UTC-5) tonight. The resulting performance issues should last less than 5 minutes, and though unlikely, could last 15 minutes or longer.

Thank you for your understanding.

7th Sept 2021
Service interruption affecting some customers resolved

We have resolved a service issue experienced at about 13:30 (1:30PM, UTC-5), lasting for less than 15 minutes.

An engineer is investigating the cause.

Thank you for your patience, and business.

7th Sept 2021
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