Enable your recipients to receive emails from your team at your own secure website.

Email encryption without the hassle of certificate management

Cloudiance Email Encryption Gateway

Send and receive encrypted email through the Cloudiance Email Encryption Gateway. Delivers your own email encryption gateway for individual mailboxes you select by name, or for all your mailboxes in any given domain. Optional digital loss prevention (DLP), to scan your outbound email for unencrypted sensitive information such as social security numbers (SSN), requiring your team to first encrypt those emails prior to sending. Pricing of $5-10/mailbox, depending on number of mailboxes.

Cloudiance Email Encryption Gateway with Digital Loss Prevention (DLP)

All the features of the email encryption gateway, plus scans outbound email for mailboxes or domain for which you've enabled the Cloudiance Email Encryption Gateway, looking for defined patterns such as social security numbers (SSN). When it finds such personal information, it prevents the email from being sent without the sender first encrypting it. Priced at an additional $2/user/month.