What is the KeepSafe email archiving service?

KeepSafe is an optional service designed to securely capture any email sent or received by an individual account from the time it is enabled indefinitely.  By design, emails cannot be deleted or modified from an archived account. Keepsafe may be used independently by organizations looking for a cost-effective system to archive their company's mail, or retain messages for legal compliance (SOX, HIPAA, etc.).

How do I enable the KeepSafe service?

Please see this article for instructions on one-click activation of email archiving in the Client Area: https://admin.cloudiance.com/knowledgebase/57/How-do-I-add-email-archivingorlegal-compliance-to-my-accounts.html

What does the KeepSafe service do? 

KeepSafe captures any email sent or received by an individual account from the time it is enabled indefinitely and emails cannot be deleted.  The archives are not directly accessible through the Client Area or Admin Console.

Can I search accounts with KeepSafe enabled for individual emails? 

Yes!  Please open a ticket with our support team with your request.  

How do I access the KeepSafe accounts? 

Please open a ticket with our support team for access to the mailboxes.  We can provide direct access for Administrators or read-only access if necessary.  

Can I export a KeepSafe account? 

Yes!  Please open a ticket with support with your request.  

What is the cost?

Cloudiance offers KeepSafe for $3 per account with 7 GB storage included.  Email archiving storage size is unmetered and the cost per additional GB space is 35 cents per additional GB/month.  


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