Correct the Google/gmail authentication error by adding an SPF DNS record to your domain host

Please read further if the errors you're getting when trying to send to Gmail users look like this, or one stating Gmail couldn't verify the email came from your domain name: This message does not pass authentication checks (SPF and DKIMboth 550-5.7.26 do not pass). SPF check for [] doesnot pass 550-5.7.26 with ip: To best protect ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2023
Issue logging into asav [*resolved*]

[Update: fixed as of Friday morning, February 17, 2023] There was currently a problem logging into the advanced anti-spam and virus system, There is no other issue with the asav system that we've detected, and it appears to otherwise be operating normally. Note we have raised the Bayesian spam metric, so that less, ... Read More »

13th Feb 2023