Performance issue affecting some users *resolved* (Friday 5/6 from 5:15AM to 8:45AM)

Some customers experienced systems performance issues, including slower service, and service interruptions. System administrators are monitoring the situation, however, we are dependent on a third-party, in this case, our Google data center partner, for resolution. UPDATE: material improvement since 8:20AM central time (get -5/6). As a result, ... Read More »

6th May 2022
Google requiring authentication to send email to Gmail users

What's changed?   Google, which runs Gmail among other email services, has started more often requiring senders to add "authentication" to the DNS entries for their domains, per: <>   Why can't Cloudiance add "authentication" for ... Read More »

1st Mar 2022
Response to prospective webmail client vulnerability in the news

We are working with Zimbra to identify the best method to expediently mitigate the issues raised by the recent report (see references below). This includes applying a patch this coming weekend to our affected systems. In the meantime, as Zimbra webmail client users, you're safe from this attack as long as you don't click on a link from an ... Read More »

4th Feb 2022
Discontinuing the zMailCloud Domain Admin (aka Admin Console) on March 1, 2022

This announcement only applies to Cloudiance zMailCloud customers. For more than the last year we've been working on centralizing management of your account and all services in our Billing & Support portal, available for log in to registered users such as the primary account holders, and their designees, at: ... Read More »

27th Jan 2022
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