Some customers experienced systems performance issues, including slower service, and service interruptions.

System administrators are monitoring the situation, however, we are dependent on a third-party, in this case, our Google data center partner, for resolution.

UPDATE: material improvement since 8:20AM central time (get -5/6). As a result, we're expecting this to be resolved completely for all affected customers shortly.

This is a storage issue with Google's primary midwest data center, likely affecting many other online services and companies today, and could take time to resolve. Thank you for your patience.

Once the underlying data service is restored, customer issues should be resolved. If you have an email application and you have lingering issues, please try quitting and restarting, or restarting your computer or device (turning it off, and back on again), in the event that doesn't help.

In the event of service performance issues, please stay tune-in, and stay tuned to our public systems status page:

We understand email is critical to you and your operations, and it's because of this that we use the most consistently reliable infrastructure partners, like Google and Amazon. Over the course of more than fifteen years now, having tried many other solutions, we together have had the best experience partnering with them. And no solution is perfect.

Your email is also critical to us. We have nothing better to do than improve the quality of your email experience, and will continue to look for ways to do so.

Thank you for your business.

– The Cloudiance zMailCloud Hosting Team


Friday, May 6, 2022

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