In an effort to keep your Cloudiance services secure, efficient, and bring you new products and enhanced services, we will be applying upgrades and a security patches affecting Cloudiance mail, and related services such as calendaring.

While it should be significantly shorter, there may be up to 30 minutes total of service interruption during this maintenance period. If you're not able to access services, please be patient, your mail will be queued for delivery when service resumes within half an hour.

Please stay tuned to our public monitoring page if you'd like to check whether or not services are available, and the maintenance is complete.

**If you have any connectivity or performance issues after the maintenance, please both try waiting an hour, and restarting your devices (turning them on and back off again) prior to contacting support. Thank you!**

Thank you again for your business!

--Your Cloudiance Team


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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