This announcement only applies to Cloudiance zMailCloud customers.

For more than the last year we've been working on centralizing management of your account and all services in our Billing & Support portal, available for log in to registered users such as the primary account holders, and their designees, at: 

Now you can not only add, delete and edit mailboxes from within the portal, but also manage your domains and domain aliases, KeepSafe archives, and other related services we have planned for introduction this year.

An overview of the features of the portal is available in this knowledgebase article: [Account management: add/delete/change mailboxes and more from the centralized Billing & Support portal](

If you don't have access to see this article, and need to manage your account's mailboxes, please ask your primary account holder to use the Billing & Support portal to create a User with the required privileges for you, or have them open a support ticket with us. Once you are a registered User, you will also have access to extensive, other, customer-only, private knowledgebase articles.

Thank you for being a Cloudiance customer!

PS: did you know that while we've changed our business name a few times in the last fifteen years, we're still the same business, with many of the same team members? Thank you again for helping us to help you with your email and collaboration needs.

PPS: have you visited our public systems status page yet?

Thursday, January 27, 2022

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